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Central Auckland | CoE 2015 - 2019 Winner. Traveller's Choice 2020.
Gold Winner | Mobius Awards
Silver Winner | New York Festivals Awards
Positive Reviews | TripAdvisor

When you google us or check out our Facebook page you will discover we have a cult following, not because we are the coolest but because we consistently offer personal service of the highest standard and create mouth-watering, time-honoured family recipe dishes, made with passion and humble, honest flavours.

This is not made-to-measure cooking. This is cooking from the heart.  So much so, that our chefs instinctively know when a dish is just right; how it should feel, how it should taste, how it should look. Indeed an art and its entertainment, so we showcase this spice-dance for you with our glass kitchen.

Our target was to offer authentic rustic Indian food from a unique part of India; this is not just food, these are memories of my childhood. Our outlook on life is simple, why waste time with bad food and bad company? We are locals, we love serving food lovers and we love to share our passion. Meena Anand

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